CD 100 Series

The Dotronix CD-100 Series monochrome CRT data display monitor (Ball Electronic Display CD120) has been designed for quality display of alpha numeric information and is often found in Siemens Orbital medical equipment. These low cost, high reliability, composite displays feature Dotronix’s rugged “wire frame” design for maximum versatility in satisfying various customer packaging requirements. The all solid state circuitry features the latest in display technology that has been field proven in other Dotronix displays. The CD-100 Series is available in 5″, 9″, and 12 inch sizes with P4 white phosphor as standard equipment. Options include many common EIA phosphors, anti-glare treatment and various frame tilts.

Quick Look: CD Series

dotronix_cd_120_monitor_largeComposite input:

  • EIA RS170 composite video signal. The CD series has been designed to be fully compatible with the long-time industry standard.

High Brightness and Resolution:

  • Specially selected CRT’s and deflection circuitry along with a wide bandwidth video amplifier, provide a clear, crisp display over a wide range of brightness levels.

Low Geometric Distortion

  • Pincushion distortion and sweep non-linearities are controlled to exceed requirements of EIA STD RS-375.


  • P4 white phosphor
  • Internal contract control
  • Internal brightness control (customer may parallel with external control if desired, in which case the internal control acts as brightness limit)
    0° tilt frame
  • 10 contact edge connector for signal input

The PDF Spec Sheet contains the full specifications.