TV 100 Series

The TV and TVX series data display monitors (Ball Electronic Display TV120) are a raster scan display designed for Data Display terminals. They are designed for high quality display of alphanumeric dot characters. Our most popular monitor in this line-up is the 12 inch TV-120 (part numbers 7-020-0141 and 7-020-0144) that is often found in CNC equipment.

The monitor accepts video, horizontal drive and vertical sync signals as separate TTL level signals, eliminating stripping circuits in the monitor as well as mixing circuits in the external logic interface.

Quick Look: TV Series


  • Pulse width: 10 to 40µs
  • Frequency: 15,750Hz ±500Hz
  • Blanking time: 10µs minimum


  • Pulse width: 75µs to 1.4µs
  • Rise/Fall time: 100ns maximum
  • Frequency: 49-61Hz
  • Blanking 850µs minimum


  • Amplitude: 4.0V ±1.5V (into an external 500Ω contrast control) white positive
  • Pulse width: 50ns minimum
  • Rise/Fall time: 20ns maximum (10% to 90%)

Video Amplifier

  • Bandwidth: 20Mhz  -3db
  • Rise/Fall time: 30ns maximum
  • Storage time: 15ns

See the PDF document for more Specifications.